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Scott Dietz

Scott Dietz

Director, Workforce Initiatives, Catalyst Connection

Scott is responsible for the program development and delivery of Catalyst Connection’s STEM initiatives. These include an in-school project based program called Adventures in Technology and two manufacturing college internship programs. Scott is also responsible for all STEM outreach activities supporting programs such as BotsIQ, the Fluid Power Challenge, and other regional STEM initiatives in partnership with non-profits, school districts, colleges, and economic development organizations. He is a frequent speaker for school districts, industry consortiums, and conferences on the topics of STEM education, manufacturing, and workforce programs. To date, Scott has worked with more than 60 local school districts, 200 local companies, and over 2,500 regional students.

Scott has been involved in human resource and workforce education, with expertise in the manufacturing, retail, financial, and consulting industries, since 1999. As a recruiter for Mellon Financial Corporation, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and a small consulting firm, Scott has recruited technology and management talent, delivered training, developed internship programs, and conducted outreach with local nonprofit organizations and youth programs.

He holds B.S.B.A. degree in Human Resource Management from Robert Morris University.