2024 keynote speaker

Chris Czarnik

Chris Czarnik

Author, Coach, and Trainer | chrisczarnik.com

Chris Czarnik (Zarr-Nick) has spent the last 20 years figuring out why people go to and leave organizations. As one of the most accomplished career coaches in the country, he has helped thousands of job seekers figure out how to identify organizations and jobs that are a great fit for them. As one CEO said, “If you are fishing for talent…he just spent the last 17 years with the fish!”

His book “Winning the War for Talent” is used by more than 3,500 organizations across the country and Chris travels more than 200 days a year teaching individual companies to recruit, retain and develop great employees.

He is an avid basketball and tennis player and is drawn to anything that is daring, exciting, or challenging. His love of teaching process-based solutions is known to more than 1,500 CEOs across the country.

His greatest joy however is knowing that when he helps companies find great employees, he is also helping his job seekers find work that is meaningful and fits their natural skills and abilities. When this happens, everybody goes home a winner!